Head scar for bald women LINOLEA
We hope that this scarf will give many ladies to be confidence and smiles.

Three strong points of LINOLEA

The alopecia people’s skin will easy to get damage because they lost their hair to protect the scalp.
Scraped or steamed by medicine or wig, the skin imposed a burden.
Please give your skin the best tenderness, first considering the gentleness.
It is delicate and stretchy and Washable at home laundry.
Details of materials


LINOLEA head scarf uses the material that cuts to the head shape before sawing.
Just put on and done.
You do not have to go to the mirror or have trouble to tie like an ordinary scarf.
Even when you are busy in the morning, or following your child who has gone up in the bath, you can quickly wear it.

Details of how to wear


Although it seems hard to use a head scarf into the fashion, it will fit any fashions. Feel free to wear it as an accessory.
Please enjoy the new fashion as a point of your fashion.

Details of the colors

For you

The women who is suffering the side effect of cancer medicine

The women who is alopecia.

The women getting old

The women who don’t have trouble in hair

Customer feedback

I feel better when I wear it.
I was praised for my heads carf.
I understand it is for bald women, it has strong preferences
It was very easy to wear.
It ws very conformable, I like it.