For bald women HEADSCARF
The women losing their hair are immeasurable shock to them.
When I was in the feeling, a colorful head scarf made me smile again.
I hope that your daily life will joyful and bright using our scarf.




Onset of alopecia

Sadness, chagrin and confusing.
My appearance changed to my complex.

After giving birth to my second daughter, I found an alopecia areata about 500 yen coin at the beginning.

Though it is common.
I thought I would recover in a few months and I went to see a dermatologist casually.
However, the diagnosis was “alopecia areata multilocularis “.
The alopecia depilation was not only one spot. There were everywhere.
“Alopecia areata multilocularis” is a disease that develops circular hair loss at several places.
The cause is not yet fully understood and treatment regimen has not been established.
For some reason, it seems that the autoimmune function runaway and recognizing that her own hair root is an enemy and attacking.
Put on prescribed steroids or irradiated with ultraviolet light, but no effect at all.
I took internal steroids, but the side effects are so painful that I could not get up.
My hair has fallen out every day, about half a year or so I lost about one-third of my hair.
Medical cares would not help.
I was deeply aware of being impatient that I cannot do anything even though it is my own body.

In that situation, I had the hardest time ever which was not my appearance had changed, but to let people around me feel depressed.

My parents hurt their minds because my illness was their fault, my friends confused when they looking at my hair and how to say about it from kindness.

I felt that my appearance was not only for me, but for messages to people around me.
So, first I started wearing a wig, but I concerned that whether people noticed I am wearing a wig or do I look natural.

The complex was further deepened. Besides, the wig is very expensive.
I felt very mortified that to eliminate the complex was so difficult.

Encounter with a headscarf

I want to express the joy I felt

When I went out with a scarf around my head, my friends gave me unexpected reactions.
“Very nice” “cute”
By being praised, my heart felt lighter at a stroke.
The enjoying fashion seems to come back.
Choose clothes or accessories to match to the scarf.
My exciting feeling was a feeling I forgot for a while being chased by parenting.
I want a scarf that can be more enjoyable and easily!
I want to tell this fun to women who are afflicted with alopecia like me!
The feeling well up.

Through using my headscarf, I made a lot of smiles.
What a wonderful thing.

I began to think I want to express this joyful for women who are alopecia,

The beginning of LINOLEA

100% Domestic finest silk

LINOLEA sticks to use 100% of rare domestic silk to consider the kindness to the skin.
The alopecia people’s skin will easy to get damage because they lost their hair to protect the scalp.
Scraped or steamed by medicine or wig, the skin imposed a burden.
I would like the scalp to give some rest while people are just having a holiday or staying at home.

Silk is great material which composition is close to human skin, and less worried about allergy.
Moreover, the lining of LINOLEA is a silk of the Usui raw silk manufacturing association in Gunma which is made without using formalin out of ordinary rare domestic silk.
Please give your skin the best tenderness, first considering the gentleness.

Delicate and stretchy
Skin-friendly enough to be used for newborn baby clothes
Support you skin environment by absorbing and releasing moist and absorption of ultraviolet rays.

the strength of this head scarf

Fashionable and easy to wear

Although it seems hard to use a head scarf into the fashion, it will fit any fashions. Feel free to wear it as an accessory.
In this series, we have 4 variations which we carefully choose the colors and the patterns to give the greatest charm for Japanese ladies.

When you acquire a matching color, you look much more brilliant eyes, lively and healthy.
By putting on the scarf to your head which is the closest to the face, you can maximize the power of color. Please enjoy the new fashion as a point of your fashion.

Easy to wear
Only 10 seconds!
LINOLEA head scarf uses the material that cuts to the head shape before sawing.
Just put on and done.
You do not have to go to the mirror or have trouble to tie like an ordinary scarf.
Even when you are busy in the morning, or following your child who has gone up in the bath, you can quickly wear it.
Washable at home laundry.
Since you use this scarf every day, we pursued ease of use.

The company name, “Armonia” means “harmony” in Italian.
We would like to make a harmonious society with people accept hairless and it is as their characters.
Support to make the society to reach the goal.
I named it with the ideas.
No hair may be a difficult reality.
But how you capture, it is up to you.
We hope that this scarf will give many ladies to be confidence and smiles.
At the end, we wish you enjoy and make lively in your daily life through our product.

For the last

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Masumi Tsunoda

Born in 1977
a founder of Armonia
a founder of Alopecia Style Project