Q;How to buy?
・WEB Please visit this site.

Q: Estimated arrival date
We will ship the goods within 5 days after your payment is conformed.

Free size (for adult)
You can fix to your head by a scrunchy.

Q: It is not good fit.
Please adjust by a scrunchy.
Please do not tie at a position of the shirring, fix to your head.

Q:Are there any products for kids?
We do not offer kids size. However, we are planning now.
Q: I’m afraid I do not look nice in this scar.
Please adjust the point to wear it same as a hat. It will change an image.

Q: About lapping
We will offer in free, please comment when you buy it.

Q:What is the material?
Lining:Gunma Silk 100% face side:ぽpolyester100% 

Q: Possibility of the allergic reaction
LINOLEA is made of rare silk in lining side. Silk is great material which composition is close to human skin, and less worried about allergy.
However, it can not be said that there are no risk for all of you.

Q:How to care in home
It is washable in your home.
Please use the laundry net, wash with a neutral detergent, and dry it in the shade.
Silk will be damaged in several washing.

Q: Can I return it?
We will not accept to return after you open the products.

Q: Please send a brochure.
contactPlease contact us. We are happy to
send you in free.

Q: About wholesale
If you are interested in the wholesale for our products, CONTACT,please contact us.